Whole Office Protection.

Layered security is a critical step in securing your mission-critical data and workflow. We provide cost-effective IT security management, monitoring, and maintenance that is proactive and comprehensive. No aspect of your IT use is left out as we deploy protective protocols across each layer of your IT environment.

Internet layer – Securing your data traffic

Network layer – Protecting against lateral attack

People layer – Protecting identities and accounts plus employee training

Application layer – Employing proper software management

Device layer – Keeping individual machines from becoming a target


Regular, automated backups are critical. But if they have not been tested and validated, you may not know your backups are available and ready when it counts.

  • Save recovery time in a local data loss scenario
  • Gain peace of mind your backups have been tested
  • View reports featuring screenshot verification of backups
  • Test comprehensively across system state-, file-, and folder-backups
  • Automatically test backup recoverability
  • Have backups ready to use when you need them the most


With our Fully Managed plan you get unlimited support for all included assets. That means users can put in a help request at any time, network devices like firewalls are monitored or updated as often as needed, and both workstations and servers will have the latest released protections against ransomware and other malware. Let us know how we can help!